PeopleKeys Patent Licensing

PeopleKeys was the first to develop algorithms allowing the successful ranking of candidates based on multiple hiring criteria. Many of today’s popular websites are making use of the PeopleKeys patented technology.

Innovative Hiring Technology

The patented PeopleKeys process, dating back to 2010, has been at the forefront of hiring technology.

PeopleKeys developed its technology over decades’ worth of research. This resulted in making it easier for HR professionals, hiring managers, and other decision makers to find top-performing employees or “the best in the industry” with just a few clicks — something that hadn’t been done before.

PeopleKeys Patent Features

Perfect Candidate Matching

PeopleKeys patented matching technology combines hard and soft skills assessments along with a resume or other criteria to provide an overview of everything an employer needs to know about their candidate.

Matching Based on Your Needs

PeopleKeys provides our partners with an aggregate score based on criteria you select. Our process then uses algorithms to combine the results from multiple scores, for example, both hard and soft skill assessments.

Internal and External Comparison

Our technology lets you compare an individual score to others, both inside and outside of your company, resulting in a list of candidates that best match your hiring criteria. This enables you to make the best hire, every time.

Ready to Discuss Patent Licensing?

PeopleKeys patent licensing is an excellent way for companies to gain control of their industry. We offer partnerships with several levels, and can create a solution that specifically meets your needs.

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